Hi All,

I’m so EXCITED to introduce my new book to you guys !  My team decided that I should have a book written and published to assist people on getting into the industry.   I’m always answering  questions about “How I got into the industry.”

Ask no more.  The book “So, You Want to be an Actor?” will answer all of your questions.  Guess what?  You have two choices of how you would like to read/purchase the book.  The book is being sold on Amazon.com.  You can purchase it and instantly download to your computer, phone, or tablet.  It’s also offered in paperback form.

A Sneak PEEK at  So, You Want to Become an Actor”

A new age manual written by a Momager  that’s been through the entire aspect of moving from one state to another to assist their daughter in pursuing her dream of becoming an actor.

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Have you ever considered getting into the entertainment industry and become a full time working actor?  This eBook will guide you through the enter process.

It’s real information on how to make it happen !

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Please leave me a comment and let me know if you have any further questions I could have answered in the book or if you would like more information.
I’m an open book and I will help you as much as possible.