Eye of The Hurricane TV Movie (LifetimeTV/Starz Network) is a compelling family drama about a small Everglades community struggling to put their lives back together in the wake of a devastating hurricane. In the spirit of films such as “Stand By Me” and “To Kill A Mockingbird”, Hurricane is told through the eyes of a determined child, a troubled adolescent, a wounded parent and a loyal friend, played by Wendi Motte.

The story begins after the hurricane has passed and takes us on an incredible journey to understand the strength of the human spirit. When nine-year-old Homer Kyte awakes to find that he has lost an eye in the storm, he and his best friend (Abby, Starring Wendi Motte)begin a search to find the missing orb. As they explore the alien landscape of demolished homes, abandoned cars, and flooded roads, the rest of the family does their best to deal with the shock and loss. Amelia Kyte, Homer‘s mother, holds vigil outside the local Air Force base trying to get any information about the fate of her husband, whose plane is rumored to be lost in the storm.

This leaves Renee, Homer‘s sixteen-year-old sister, to deal with the maze of paperwork and FEMA procedures on her own. Family friend and local fisherman, Bill Folsom, tries to keep watch over young Homer as Bill deals with the tremendous amount of wreckage from the storm in his own peculiar way. Homer‘s search intensifies and he devises a daring plan with the help of his friends to visit the only man he thinks can help him. Homer sets off into the Everglades in search of a mystical Seminole Medicine Man. This sends his family and the community into a new panic as they rally to find Homer and bring the boy back from the majestic, but dangerous, wilderness of the Florida Everglades.

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